About Us

Capt Brad Craft has spent over 40 years in the gamefishing and diving fleet and has over 34 years experience as a captain. Having worked with world renowned Captains Peter Bristow and Laurie Wright and run boats Sea Strike, Diamond Girl, Shoki, Silvery Moon and Reelistic,Castille and LellyB.

In 1999 he designed and built a series of 34ft sportfishing boats under the PIRATE name, all of these vessels are still active charter boats today. In 2004 he and angler Jay Teeter weighed the 10th heaviest fish in Cairns history 1304lb, a strong advocate for tag and release this fish was the last fish to be weighed.

As past president of the Cairns Professional Gamefishing Assosciation he fought tirelessly to remove foreign owned longliners from Australian waters and was instrumental in the introduction of a ban on the commercial take of Billfish in the Australian fishing zone. This was passed by Parliment and introduced as law in 1995.

10 Reasons Why You Should Fish With Us

  1. Over 40 fantastic seasons in Cairns.
  2. Our mantra is to make your fishing experience one you will never forget.
  3. Proven results with 10 fish over 1000lb weighed and over 485 (yes 485!) fish in excess of 800lb released.
  4. Professional, personal and friendly service.
  5. Over 80% return clientele.
  6.  Great Tournament results:
    • 1st Compass Jackpot. $60,000
    • First Big Game Masters. $28,000
    • 2nd Lexus Classic
    • 3rd Lexus Classic
    • Champion Boat, Townsville
    • Light Tackle Tournament
  7. Qualified and experienced crew with worldwide expertise and a good sense of humour!
  8. An all inclusive package that caters to your needs.
  9. Latest tackle, electronics and equipment needed to fish these waters.
  10. The best location in the world for Giant Black Marlin.

Just some of the fish we’ve caught

1990 Allen Marven Australia 1007 lb (456 kg)
1994 Malte Astrom Sweden 1086 lb (492 kg)
1995 Malte Astrom Sweden 1000 lb (453 kg)
1998 Dean Schofield USA 1166 lb (528 kg)
1999 John Kilgour Australia 1021 lb (463 kg)
2000 Barry Bird Australia 1078 lb (488 kg)
2001 Steve Chicolo USA 1025 lb (464 kg)
2004 Jay Teeter USA 1304 lb (591 kg)
2004 Andy Stein USA 1012 lb (459 kg)
2008 Ken Knudsen USA 1080 lb (489 kg)