End of season

2012 proved to be a challenging season with some great fishing but a lot of hard work to find the fish!Askari,kanahoee,tradition and top shot all had some great fishing and towards the end of the season Castille found a patch of fish out wide which proved to be pretty consistant.We saw over 30 fish in 6 days and had 16 bites for 9 releases.Katie ripper  was red hot with  a950 lb ,250,200 and a 300 lb fish ,Paul Charlton also had some great fishing and lost a big fish after a 45 min battle,Stew burrows released a beautiful 950 lb fish in the Lizard is tournament and Sally Jenyns fought a fish around 800 lb for 40 mins before the leader broke.A 600 lb on 80 lb stand up was fun and in all we had 62 bites,48 hook ups and released 24 fish with an average size of  around 400 lb.

It was great to have such a good boat to work with this year and things can only get better with one season under our belt…thanks to Mick Jacobs,wombat,dude and ty for their hard work and excellent crewing.

Bigger and better things for next year with a good season booked,let me know if we can book you the fishing trip of a lifetime.

All the best for 2013 and good times,tight lines

Brad Craft